Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Opal 10

Trying to get caught up on some older sketches from when I was out of the mode of scrapping. We all go thru periods of not wanting to do much of anything and I had one of those for about 4 months. I was behind about 30 sketches and have managed to get caught up on a bunch of them. For this one in particular, I have a huge love hate relationship with. I worked on it for three days, tracing, cutting, inking and then laying it all out to make sure I liked it. By the time I had glued it all down, I hated the layout and I just left it on my desk for another day and came back to it. I added the little house and spider web because it needed something.

I used Tag 6 and Spook Lane from Kiwi Lane Designs for this layout. I just love the versatility of the templates. You can use them to make a million and one things and not always what they are set out to do. Okay as you can tell I REALLY REALLY LOVE them. Using Spook Lane I traced it into a chevron shape and I like how that came out.

Thanks for stopping by and please come back to see more.

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