Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Little Dabble...

On very few occasions I have to make a card. Now I am not a card maker by any means but I like to give a homemade card for any occasion I can. One of my very good friends got married yesterday, and I whipped up this card to give to him and his lovely bride. Having all boys I do not get to use pink very often and when I do I feel like I go a bit over board. I think for having such a short time frame to complete it, because I procrastinate, it came out very nice.

Thanks for stopping by, and checking out my dabbles.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Perfectly Pearl.. YAY!!

Another series down and another 10 sketches complete. Here are my Pearl layouts... Lots of fun stuff in these pictures, visits from family, days on the lake, a few birthdays, pregnancy photos, and really old photos of my now husband and his son from when he was 3 or 4... Just great photos all around

Pearl #1

  Pearl #2

Pearl #3
Pearl #4

Pearl #5

Pearl #6
Pearl #7
Pearl #8

Pearl #9
Pearl # 10

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Getting Crafty with ATCs

Time for another round of ATCs, this swap was a Fall theme. Always getting to take creative liberty with the theme, I choose to do a campfire under a full moon hidden by some clouds. I stepped out of my comfort zone and used some chalk for the wisps of smoke, and was that an interesting time figuring out just how to get them light enough to bring across what I wanted. I eat lunch with my friend at a park every week and found some sticks that would work perfectly for my roasted marshmallow to sit on. I have never used a real life element on any kind of page. I think they came out pretty well definitely a step up from the last two I completed.