Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MWM #40 Fishes

While Andru and I spent two week in Florida in November 2010 my mom had gotten two free tickets to the Florida Aquarium. My sister and I took him and he loved all the fishes we stood infront of the huge tank for an hour easy just so he could watch all the fishies swim around.

MWM #40 Fishies

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Diamond Club Pages

MWM #1 Beautiful Smile

MWM #2 Birthday Boy

MWM #3 Sleepy Time

MWM #4 Picture Perfect

MWM #5 Cake

MWM #6 First Christmas 2009

MWM #7 Love to Read

MWM #8 fourth Grade

MWM #9 Yummy Ice Cream

MWM #10 Change of Command

Midweek Mojo #29 & #30

I hate hate hate this page I love the pictures and the bottom half but this was made using my cricut machine for the first time and I hate the top part. But I have to leave it since it is down.

MWM #29 Thank heaven for little boys

MWM#30 How Sweet it is.. This page I love I really like using white backgrounds it seems to make the pages stand out more.

Midweek Mojos 11-20

MWM # 11 Harry Potter

MWM #12 Sippy Break

MWM # 13 Hogwarts Day & Night my title stickers didn't stick so I have to find more like them in order to fix it :-(

MWM #14 Friends

MWM# 15 My Family

MWM #16 Hogsmeade Village

MWM # 17 Yum..Butterbeer

MWM #18 Disney Boardwalk

MWM #19 Tigger

MWM #20 Swing

Midweek Mojos 21- 28

I made a bunch of pages for a friend who was a foster mom to four wonderful kids...

MWM # 21 Snuggles

MWM # 22a Camping

MWM # 22b- Bbrr

MWM # 23- Toys out Baby In

MWM #24 Zoo

MWM #25 Squishy Tushy!

MWM # 26 Snow....

MWM #27 Family

MWM # 28 Splashing around

Midweek Mojo # 39

I can't believe that just 39 weeks ago I hadn't scraped but maybe two pages and now I have over 50! All it took was a little inspiration from a wonderful site

Here is my take on this weeks Mojo, this is going to be part of a multi page spread so it has no title.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

MWM #38 Best of Friends

MWM # 35 Snow Fun

MWM #36 Laughing all the way

MWM # 33 Snacks all around

MWM #31 Okay... I got this!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mid Week Mojos

MWM # 32 First Haircut... 20 months

MWM # 37 Slidin'


I have started a few blogs over the last year but always stop due to time and energy it took to keep them up. I instead started scrapbooking in my spare time, which is a lot now a days. I decided after starting a facebook group of crafty ladies, that it would be a good idea to have another place to display my pages besides the albums that sit in my house. Because isn't the idea of art for it to be enjoyed by others. Yes, Scrapbooking in an art. To all you who think its not, sit down one day and try and design a page with elements that match photos you cherish and then allow others to look at it. Thats always the hard part, we are our own worst critics. There is always something about each page that is completed that I wish I could have done differently. With that being said, sit back, relax, and enjoy my art please.